This picture was taken 6 years ago when we spent a month doing all our workouts in one of Ogden’s beautiful parks located at the base of the mountains. Steve was getting his first taste of the power ropes. I had a love-hate relationship with those things, great for strength and conditioning, but they made a terrible mess.

Today’s athlete spotlight is Steve Wikstrom. Steve has been training with me for about 7 years now. When Steve first came to see me, he had a “soft as a kitten” core. After a few months of technique work and strengthening he saw the light and embraced the “Bomber” way of being strong. Seven years have gone by and I’m extremely grateful for Steve’s support and proud to see him grow as an athlete.

Training Tuesday May 17th, 2016

Warm Up

High Knee Jump Rope x 100
Hip Slides x 5
MTN Spiders x 20 total
Inch Worm x 5
Leg Swings x 10 each way
Band Pass Through x 10

Extended Warm Up

BS Burpee (YEAH!) x 12
KB Swing x 20
Jump Lunge x 20 total
5 Rounds

Strength Work

DB/KB Bent Row x 8
Pull Up x 8
4 Rounds


Dead Lift x 7 at 70%
Dips x 7
5 Rounds


Single Leg Box Squat x 10 each
Chin Ups x 8
4 Rounds


Plate Bows x 20 total
Plate Hollow Rocks x 20
4 Rounds