Summer has arrived and that means the gym is going to heat up fast! Be prepared with extra water and no the gym has no AC.

We continue to work on asymmetries with single leg plyometrics, lunges, and DB work.

Training for Tuesday May 31st, 2016

Warm Up

Standard Dynamic Warm Up (See White Board)

Extended Warm Up

Skaters => Single LEg Tucks x 5 each leg
Single Leg Box Lunges x 10 each
DB Front Shoulder Raise x 10 each
4 Rounds


KB Static Lunge x 20″ each
KB Swing x 20
Seated DB Press x 8
4 Rounds


Squat Clean x 7 at 75%
Lateral Hurdle Jump (3 hurdles) x 6
Pull ups x 10
5 Rounds


KB Floor Wipes x 20 total
Plank x 1 minute
4 Rounds