It’s the end of the school year for both grade school and the college kids. One of my clients that I’ve had the privilege to train for 8 years now, Ali K. is back from her freshman year in college and already is hitting the gym. It’s rewarding  to watch dedicated athletes grow and succeed in their sport.

I do have a few spots open for training this summer. Here are my openings:

  • 2 adult spots for the 3 pm class
  • 1 adult spot for the 5pm class
  • 1 adult spot for the 6pm class

Currently we are not taking any new youth athletes into our training program. We find that their perceived notion of fitness and entitlement  is no longer compatible with our expectations.

Training for Tuesday May 10th, 2016

Warm Up

High Knee Jump Rope x 100
Spiderman x 5 each
Hip Slide x 5 each
Inch Worm x 5
Band Pass Through x 10
Peacock Lunge x 30 total
Half-Burpees x 50


Dot Drill (see board for patterns)


Back Squat at 65% x 15
Pull Ups x 10
5 Rounds


Anchor Squat x 25 seconds
TRX Pike x 20
5 Rounds


High Knee Run x 30
Plank x 30 seconds
4 Rounds


Lateral Hurdle Jump x 20 total
DB Thruster x 12
4 Rounds