Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes and also to those of you who were flexible with their schedule last Thursday. My wife is home recovering from her surgery and doing well.

Training for Tuesday April 26th, 2016

Warm Up

Jump rope x 100
Spiderman x 5 each
Hip Slides x 5 each
Inch Worm x 5
Band Pass Through x 10

Extended Warm Up

Reverse Lunge to Squat x 100 total lunges
High Knees (x10 total) to Burpee x 20

Dot Drills (see board for today’s patterns)

Strength Endurance

Dead Lift at 75% x 7 reps
Wall Ball x 20
Calf Raise x 20
5 Rounds


KB Swing x 25
Push Up x 10 (alternate push up style each round)

5 Rounds

Core Focus

Seated Russian Twist x 30 total
Weighted Hollow Rock x 30
3-4 Rounds depending on how much time we have

Finish up with Balance and Mobility work