Our athlete spotlight for today is a seriously tough mother! Kelsy Bingham first joined the Bomber Athlete family looking for some cross training to compliment her mountain biking. Kelsy’s background as a Division 1 athlete (University of Utah Women’s basketball) was evident as she jumped into our lifting program and proceeded to crush it! If you were fortunate to be in Kelsy’s training group you could expect:

  • Kelsy would give 100% every session and expect you to do the same
  • She wouldn’t let you cut reps. She’s always watching!
  • Kelsy is faster than you and you need to learn to live with it
  • Think you can get away with giving her a hard time, think again fool, she’ll just rip ya right back

Unfortunately during the fall of 2015 Kelsy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, and underwent 8 weeks of intensive treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston this past December – February (you can hear all about this on the TrailManners podcast).  Kelsy just wrapped up a post treatment check up and is cancer free! It won’t be long before Kelsy is back in the gym lifting weights and kicking butt!!!

Training for Thursday April 7th, 2016

Warm Up

Jump Rope x 100
Spider man x 5
Hip Slides x 5
Inchworm x 5
Band Pass Through x 10

Extended Warm Up

Feet on box MB Plank x 1 minute
Slamball x 20
4 Rounds


Pull Ups x 10
Goblet Squats x 25
Push Ups x 10
KB Swing x 25
4 Rounds

Strength Work

1 x 10 at 60%
2 x 5 at 75%
5 x 3 at 85%

Core Work

Advanced Jacks with MB x 100

Cool Down with Balance Work and Foam Roller