Sorry for the delayed post, I had a full day of doctor visits with my wife as she preps for a surgery on April 18th. The gym will be closed on Tuesday April 19th, 2016.

Today’s photo is easily a top three favorite of all time. It was taken at the old gym location when we had an awesome deck to row on. Kacey and Jacquie always embodied the phrase “Suns out, guns out”.

Warm Up

Jump Rope x 100
Spiderman x 5 each side
Hip Slides x 5 each side
Inchworm x 5 each side
Band Pass Through x 10

Extended Warm Up

Single Leg Box Lunge x 10 each (hold DB’s to increase intensity)
Pike x 20
Renegade Rows x 10 each side
4 Rounds


Hang Power Clean
1 x 5 at 60%
2 x 4 at 75%
4 x 3 at 85%
3 x 2 at 90%


Row 300 meters
Wall ball x 20
5 Rounds