Finally, it’s the last week of August and I hope that Mother Nature decides she’s had enough of this ridiculous heat!  With September only 4 days away, that means it’s time to start thinking about the shift in the gym as we see returning athletes preparing for ski/snowboard season and those endurance athletes returning for their winter strength phase. We do have some classes add back to the schedule to help accommodate the returning athletes.

Monday and Wednesday Noon Class – This class will start Wednesday September 7th and we expect it to officially run through March. The cost of September will be $84 for those in this time slot.

Monday and Wednesday 6am class – We still need 2-3 more returning or new athletes ( I have Jim, Francis, and Josh already committed) for this class to come back. We will start the class in October and it will run through February or possibly March.

I hope you has had a great summer and I look forward to everyone getting back in the gym in the coming months.