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Bomber Athlete’s Mission

We have an insatiable desire to create strong, fit, and durable athletes. Our approach to athletic development is rooted in an individual’s foundation. We believe, that the bigger a person’s training foundation, the more likely they are to succeed in their given sport/activity and the less likely it is that they will have a major injury.

Our training is based on the athlete’s needs and is meant to complement their sport. We don’t believe in fitness as a sport and will likely direct you to another facility to fulfill that need.

Daily Training Blog

Fundamentals of Strength and Mobility

This week’s focus is on the fundamentals of Strength and Mobility. Our goal is to increase mobility with blocks of complementary movements. Warm Up Jog and Back Pedal 20 yards both ways Side Shuffle 20 yards both ways High Knee Skip for 50 yards Iron Cross x 5...

Goblin Valley Half Marathon

Jacquie King Wright competed in the Goblin Valley Trail Half Marathon this past saturday. This was Jacquie’s first trail race and she finished in 2:43. Pretty good for a river girl! Now we are inching her ever closer to the Ultra Rabbit Hole. This week is the...

Official Rewards Policy

Official Policy for the 50% off new members To receive the 50% discount on your first month of training at Bomber Athlete, you must sign up for training 2x a week or the Unlimited option. The 50%-off discount does not apply to individual who are seeking to train just...

Save $20 in November

More and more specific skier/snowboard drills are being incorporated into the workouts. The single leg work is intense and can cause some hot-spots to flare up. If you finds that your achilles, knees, or hips are getting a bit cranky let me know right away so we can...

One More Volume Week

One more week in the volume cycle then we will de-load for the last week in October before beginning a Strength-Dryland cycle for the next three weeks. Today is a Grinder meant to challenge your overall fitness and mental toughness. Look over the entire workout and...

Free Saturday Workout

(Photo: Lori Burlison) Forrest and Misty did it, they ran 100 miles on the old Pony Express trail this past Saturday. Congratulations to you both. Now rest up for a few weeks then it’s time to get stronger and faster for 2015! Help us spread the word about our...

Monthly Fees

Bomber Athlete operates on a month fee system. There are no initial sign-up fees, no long term contracts, and no fuss. We keep things simple and fair for everyone.


  • Best option for performance enhancement
  • Mix and match any of the training times and days that we have available
  • If you miss a few visits you have the option to make them up in the next month
  • No long term contracts
  • Just month-to-month

Punch Pass

  • This a great option for the traveling athlete who is looking to do drop-ins
  • Great way to maintain that base during your competitive phase
  • *Pass is only good for 8 week from the time of purchase
  • Punches can be shared between friends and family member