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Bomber Athlete’s Mission

We have an insatiable desire to create strong, fit, and durable athletes. Our approach to athletic development is rooted in an individual’s foundation. We believe, that the bigger a person’s training foundation, the more likely they are to succeed in their given sport/activity and the less likely it is that they will have a major injury.

Our training is based on the athlete’s needs and is meant to complement their sport. We don’t believe in fitness as a sport and will likely direct you to another facility to fulfill that need.

Daily Training Blog

Happy Day To Megan

We want to wish the best to Megan and Preston on their wedding day. May you futures be bright and your fitness be super awesome! Training for Saturday November 22nd, 2014 Warm Up MTN Climbers x 50 Hip Slides x 5 each side MTN Climbers x 50 Butt Kick -> Frankenstein...

Hard Efforts

Wednesday way a great training day for us at the gym. The newer “Biggest Loser” row-off proved to be a potent training tool for everyone and quite the eye opening experience for others. If you’re unhappy with your outcome (calories earned in the 1...

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Thanksgiving Week Schedule Bomber Athlete will be open for normal training times Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We will be closed Thursday – Sunday. Training for Tuesday November 18th, 2014 Warm Up Jump Rope x 100 Side Shuffle x 20 yards each way Butt Kick...

The Nitty Gritty

I know we are all patiently waiting for the snow to pile up so we can play in the winter wonderland. This is a universal problem for all Wasatch Front athletes, no matter if you’re a skier/snowboarder, snowshoer, cross country skier, fat-biker, or trail runner,...

The Value Of Extra Credit

Whew, the gym was hoping with energy this morning. I was worried that I had programmed a 90 minute session with Harrison out front charging through each block. Clearly Harrison needed good dose of Extra Credit to slow him down. Extra credit is always assigned based...


On this Veteran’s Day, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all those men and women who serve our country. The concurrent cycle continues with today’s focus on core and upper body strengthening. Last week the Endurance Athletes began there mind...

Monthly Fees

Bomber Athlete operates on a month fee system. There are no initial sign-up fees, no long term contracts, and no fuss. We keep things simple and fair for everyone.


  • Best option for performance enhancement
  • Mix and match any of the training times and days that we have available
  • If you miss a few visits you have the option to make them up in the next month
  • No long term contracts
  • Just month-to-month

Punch Pass

  • This a great option for the traveling athlete who is looking to do drop-ins
  • Great way to maintain that base during your competitive phase
  • *Pass is only good for 8 week from the time of purchase
  • Punches can be shared between friends and family member